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What is a Megaride?

A Megaride is after all a great, memorable, adventure. We call them Megaride because, that’s what they are, a Mega ride! Our rides are conceived for experienced riders/drivers. Yes, that’s right, we also organize cabriolet tours for our customers that don’t have motorcycle licences. You too can participate in a Megaride.

You will take part of a ride that is very different from what we usually do in our regions. Even the trips outside Quebec, in Canada and the USA aren’t the same. It will be a very memorable ride.

We all think that preparing such a trip is easy, all you need to do is pick a few routes, select a few hotels and you’re all set. Anyone can do that. For a Megaride, it’s a lot more work. We spend hours, days, weeks, testing, trying, riding the routes, hotels and restaurants and places. It’s a rough life but someone has got to do it. What you get is a trip for motorcyclists created by motorcyclists.

What we provide is a guided organized group ride to increase your security while discovering foreign countries. Even though each bike is equipped with a preprogrammed GPS, it’s easier to just follow along with your group. And what we have found is that each group creates new friendships.

You don’t want to ride in a group? You would rather ride by yourself or in a small group? No problem, just choose the Megaride solo option. We will provide the preprogrammed GPS routes. You can ride however you want, with just a few friends and just join us at the hotel for dinner.

In between tour stages, we may stay more than one night at the same hotel. We call those, relax days. On those days, we provide easy, intermediary or even expert level preplanned itineraries for the GPS. You can choose to visit sites, museums, churches, etc. Or just go out for a ride. You can follow your guide, go out by yourself or just stay at the hotel and visit locally.

One thing is certain, you will feel a bit overwhelmed. Nothing in Europe compares to what we have in North America. The road signs, the way they drive, the language, the great meals you eat will be different. The mountains, the views, the cities, villages, houses are different from anything you have probably seen before. This will be a new exiting experience. And for those of you that return to our Megaride in Europe adventures, there are new things, new destinations to see in what the UNESCO calls the World Heritage.

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Dream trips by motorcycle. France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, the Alps, Garda Lake, French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, the Dolomites, the Verdon Gorge, Venice, Rome, Marseille, Cinque Terre, Sicily , And curves, many, many curves, 318 curves every 11 miles, Quebec motorcyclists in the paradise of motorcycles.

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