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Questions and Answers about our motorcycle tours

Below some answers to the questions most frequently asked, do not hesitate to contact us, by phone 450 778-2496 or by e-mail by clicking here , if you need more informations.

Should I have a cell phone with me?

We strongly recommend that you have a cell with you. You will be provided before your tour the cell phone number of your guide and our emergency support numbers.

Can I extend my stay before or after my Megaride tour?

Yes, we would be happy to prolong your stay before or after your tour. However, once the reservation has been made, any changes or cancellation will incur a supplement.
Extra nights must be requested at the time of booking.

What happens in case of a Megaride cancellation?

In case of cancellation by a participant :

from the reservation to 91 days before departure : $2,000.00 for the rider, $1,000.00 passenger
from 90 days to 61 days before departure : $2,500.00 for the rider, $1,500.00 passenger
from 60 days to a day before departure : 100 % of the tour price, including all taxes
Departure day is not included in the cancellation delay.
The travel cancellation insurance is not refundable.

We reserve the right, if circumstances require it, to change the itineraries and the sequence order of our programs.

Prices take into account the following parameters :

  • transportation cost taking into account fuel and exchange rates.
  • all fees and taxes such as local airport taxes, airport usage and improvement fees, in ports and airports.
  • the relevant currencies exchange rate.

According to the Quebec Consumer Protection Office (OPC) regulation, the price may be increased up to thirty (30) days before departure date if due to some major circumstances, the condition above would change.
If the cost of the tour increases at least 7% (excluding taxes), the customer may cancel and be reimbursed. He may accept another tour as a replacement.

When do we pay for the Megarides?

A $2000 deposit for the driver and $1000 for the passenger is required at reservation date or on October 1st, the year before your tour.
The balance must be paid at least 60 days before departure.

Can we add extra nights before or after the tour?

Yes, no problem.

What hotel categories do you select? Can we get a list before hand?

For security reasons we can’t reveal the names until reservations are confirmed.
What we can tell you is that the hotels will in most cases be 3, 4 or also 5 European stars, and very motorcycle friendly.

Are the airline tickets included?

Airline tickets are included in all our guided Megaride and MegaWeek packages.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes, before taking possession of the motorcycle, a security deposit will be taken on your credit card.

What happens if the weather prevents us from riding?

Weather conditions can’t be guaranteed. We cannot be held responsible for bad weather conditions.
No refunds will be given due to bad weather. On relax days we recommend that you don’t travel if the weather is bad. On transit days, we will select the safest routes.

Can you guarantee that I will have the motorcycle model I requested?

Unfortunately, no. Even though we honor the vast majority of our customer’s requests, there may be circumstances where the motorcycle may not be available. This is why we ask you to select two different models.

Do you reserve hotel and attractions?

Absolutely! Megavoyages Inc has experience in organizing motorcycle tours and can provide assistance in making airline, hotel and other reservations for your party.
We can make those reservations for you if you plan to extend your stay before or after your tour.

Do you rent GPS?

No, we don’t have GPS’ available for rental. GPS are included in our Megarides and Megaweeks packages only.

Can we cross borders?

Yes, as long as you remain in the territory covered by the motorcycle’s green insurance card.
Please refer to the terms and conditions on your contract.

Can we lock the luggage cases?

Yes, most of our motorcycle have lockable cases. Some of the smaller models have soft luggage

What to do in case of mechanical failure?

You can phone the rental support number that will be given to you at delivery time. Your motorcycle will then be towed to the nearest rental office or garage.
The support will depend on the insurance coverage chosen. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your rental agreement.

Is fuel included (gasoline)?

No. fuel is not included. In general, we rent the bike fully fueled but it can happen that it isn’t full. In any case, we expect that the motorcycle will be returned with the same level of fuel.
Charges may be added if this is not respected.

What do I do if I have a flat?

Call the support phone number that will be provided when you pick up the bike.
Please note that you are responsible for any towing and tire repair or replacement charges if any is required.

Where can I leave my travel suitcase?

During Megarides or Megaweeks, you can leave your travel luggage at the base hotel. They will be stored in a secure location.

Jackets, helmets, gloves, boots and other garments, are they included in the rental?

No, we do not rent personal protection gear so bring your own. We strongly recommend that both the rider and passenger wear full gear at all time.
Please note that EU certified motorcycle gloves are required to ride in France. Also some countries require jackets, pants, boots, gloves and facial protection.

What is the minimum age to rent a motorcycle?

You must be 23 years old and have a valid motorcycle permit with three years experience.
There is no minimum age requirement for passengers as long as they can rest their feet on the foot pegs.

Can I add a second driver to the motorcycle?

Yes, a second driver is allowed as long as this person meets the prerequisites, 23 years or older, a valid motorcycle permit with at least three years of experience.
However, you remain responsible for any damages to the motorcycle.

Can we install a GPS on my motorcycle?

Fully programmed GPS are included in our Megaride and MegaWeek packages.

What are the terms of the security deposit?

When you take possession of the motorcycle, a security deposit will be taken on your credit card. It will be released after you return the motorcycle.
The security deposit varies from €2900 to €1000 depending on what insurance coverage you have chosen. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your contract.

Can we rent motorcycle luggage liners?

Yes, we have some available to rent. They must be reserved ahead of time. They will be in the motorcycle when you arrive at the hotel.

Do you offer motorcycles with back rests or cases?

Most of our motorcycles are equipped with three hard cases. Some specific sports model have only two side bags. Their capacity varies depending on brand and model.

Does Megavoyage rent motorcycle helmets?

No, bring your own. Due to hygiene reasons we don’t rent helmets.
Please note that bowls, novelty helmets or half helmets aren’t legal in Europe. You must have either an open face, three quarter, Jet, modular or Full Face helmet.
All helmets must be certified by a recognized authority.

Any special instructions?

Yes, each client will receive general instructions regarding security, local traffic laws and any subject that he would be responsible for.
Your MégaVoyages guide will give specific instructions before each day’s ride.

Can we rent rain gear?

Sorry, no, we don’t rent rain gear.

What type of permit do I need?

You must be 23 years or older, have a valid Motorcycle permit, with three years experience. International clients, you can rent the same class of motorcycle your permit allows you to ride in your country. An International Drivers Permit is not required to rent but it is required by local authorities. Failure to show an IDP when asked by local authorities may incur heavy fines and motorcycle impoundment.

Do all your motorcycles have windshields?

Our larger motorcycles, the BMW K1600GT, GTL, R1200RT, Harley Davidson Electra Glide and Street Glide have touring windshields and fairings. The others have smaller windshields or simples wind breakers. The windshields protect you from the elements and road debris.

Do we need to be an experienced pilot to go on these motorcycle tours?

We don’t refuse anyone under the pretense that they’re not experienced riders. But for your own security and comfort we strongly recommend that you be able to control and manoeuvre the bike easily. Most of all, if you want to take part of the more advanced tours like the Tour des Alpes and the A travers les Alpes, you will find very tight hairpins and twisty roads. We do offer an initial familiarisation activity on the first day to learn how to ride in Europe.

How much luggage can we bring with us?

Included in the base package, each passenger can bring one 23 kg suitcase and one light carry on bag. You can however pay for a second suitcase, with the airline.

How may persons per group?

There can be a maximum of 10 motorcycles per group, including the guide. Each motorcycle can be a solo rider or a couple. If however the group was to be greater than 10 motorcycles, there would be a second guide with the group. The group may even be split to different circuits to avoid a too large group.

How do we return to the airport after the tour?

MégaVoyages will transport the group, by chartered buses or shuttles, between Marco-Polo airport in Venice or Fiumicino airport in Rome to the base hotel and back at the end of the tour. However if you wish to leave or arrive at a different time arrangements can be made.

Will I be able to check my emails during the tour?

Yes, most of the hotels have wi-fi and some have a workstation available for hotel guests.

How do you transfer the guests from the airport to the hotel?

MégaVoyages will transport, by chartered buses or shuttles, the group between Marco-Polo airport in Venice or Fiumicino airport in Rome to the base hotel and back at the end of the tour. However if you wish to leave or arrive at a different time, arrangements can be made.

Which motorcycle is recommended with a passenger?

It all depends on your tastes and preferences. The preferred bikes are generally the BMWs K1600 GT or GTL, R1200 RT or GS, Harley-Davidson Electra glide or Moto-Guzzi California. Our other model are more adapted to solo riding but can accommodate two.

What will the weather be like?

For real motorcyclists, it’s always a beautiful day on a motorcycle. Honestly, we can’t say in advance what the weather will be like but in general, the temps vary from maximums of 38°C in the valleys to lows of 1°C and melting snow in the mountains. On average, the daily temperatures are in the 20°C – 30°C range in the valleys and 15°C – 25°C range in the mountains. But you never know so be dressed accordingly.

Do I need a visa?

No. All Canadian and American citizens need a passport valid for at least six (6) months after your return. From 2021 and on, you will need an electronic travel document to enter Europe. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/etias/

Can I exchange my motorcycle with another participant?

No, you remain at all times responsible for any damage to your motorcycle.

What clothes should I bring?

We recommend clothes that can easily adapt to all four seasons, sunny, rain, snow and even heat waves. Some tours see temps ranging from 6°C to 36°C and even less in the mountains. A rain suit is always recommended.

Will we stop for pictures?

We have tried to reach a balance between those who want to ride and those who want to stop every five minutes to take pictures. You’re always free to stop anytime but please advise the guide before hand.

Should I have medical insurance coverage?

We strongly recommend that you have your own medical insurance. It can be through international travel insurance companies or your credit card. We recommend that you verify with your credit card company if you are covered and to what level. MégaVoyages can offer your full medical coverage insurance.

Should we leave tips and gratuities?

In general, yes. Don’t forget to budjet tips for your guides, drivers, room service and others. Tips are not required in restaurants in Italy and France but that is different in the Northern parts of Europe like Germany, Holland, or in the East like Slovenia and Hungary where 10% is the norm. We wish to remind you that all the services you receive, at the hotels, in a taxi, in the shuttle, from your accompanying guide to the local tour guides and the hotel cleaning staff, represent long days, their work is seasonal and their salaries are expected with tips. We thank you for your generosity.

What is the VIP insurance?

You can purchase extra coverage to reduce the deductible for the motorcycle damage insurance.

Where can we find out how much it costs?

Contact us at (450) 778-2496 or by email by clicking here , we will send you brochures with the prices and all the details.

You can also find the prices in each file of our tours, you can check our calendars

Are you taking care of our luggage?

Most of our motorcycles are equipped with side cases and a topcase. On most motorcycle, you can add a bag on top of the topcase. Some of the sportier and smaller bikes have only side cases and some are soft luggage. You can tie a soft bag to the back seat. We ride like real riders. We carry our own gear.

Year after year, we have asked our Megariders what they prefer and it always comes out they prefer it that way. They want to be autonomous, not to have to wait in a parking lot for a van to catch up while it rains. It does require a bit of adaptation but no one has had issues with carrying their gear. The big suitcases you use on the plane, we leave them at the hotel when we get the motorcycles.

How do you decide how many riders in each group?

The Megaride team evaluates carefully each destination, and decides the optimal size for the group based on previous experience, the road types, the logistics, the number of rooms available at each selected hotel and the riders level of experience. The maximum number of bikes per Megaride is ten including the guide.

On average, it’s between 7 to 8 motorcycles, with a maximum of 10 motorcycles, including the motorcycle guide. Many of our past Megariders prefer it that way. All groups have diverse age, experience and interests. Most Megarides have brought on new friendships.

How many Megariders return for another Megaride?

More than 60% of Megariders have done more than one Megaride with us. They often bring friends with them, friends with whom they want to share a Megaride.

What is a relax day?

Our concept of relax days is we stay at the same hotel for more than a night. Our guide will propose a guided route and unguided alternative routes that you can select to do. Each Megarider is free to go with the guide or select another route or do something completely different. We meet back at the hotel for dinner.

How about the hotels and meals?

The Megaride team is always looking for high quality hotels and restaurants that reflect the local character of the region we’re travelling through. During the course of the years, we have cultivated good relations with the hotel and restaurant staffs. Our goal is to get you to taste what each region has to offer. We select the menus, to facilitate your choices. All breakfast (continental) are included. All dinners include dessert, some wine, water and coffee or cappuccino. Lunches are not included.

What distance do we ride each day?

It depends on the Megaride, the daily distance covered varies a lot. In the mountains, like the Alps, a day may be of only 120 to 150 km while in the valleys or outside the mountains ranges it can go up to 450 km. That would be on a travel day where we need to use the Autoroutes. We usually refer to time rather than distance. The actual time depends on each group, some being faster than others.

What type of motorcycle do we provide?

Most are new or near new tour bikes. We also have sportier and smaller size bikes. MégaVoyages keeps its motorcycles for a maximum of three years. They are fully equipped and well maintained. Our rates include a comprehensive insurance for all of Europe (see details).

On relax days, what if I don’t wan’t to ride?

No problem. You’re on vacation, you can do what you wan’t. You can stay in bed, go to the pool, visit the town, eat a Gelato (we won’t tell), you are free!

What type of motorcycle experience do I need to participate in a Megaride?

There are Megarides for different type of riders. We do recommend that you have at least three years of riding experience for at least 10,000 km. Some Megarides are harder than others. Some are designed for intermediate riders, while others are geared for the experienced riders. Riding in Europe, in the Alps is different than what we North American are used to. If you are not sure, give us a call and an adviser will try and answer all your questions.

Must we always stay with the group?

No, if you prefer not to, you can select to ride solo. We will place you at the end of the group and you are free to stop, start at whatever time you feel like. All riders are provided with the route the group will do but you can decide to change for another. You can decide to stop for pictures or lunch whenever or wherever you want. You can decide to take a shorter route if you want to get sooner to the hotel. We will see you at the hotel for dinner. We provide the routes and hotel coordinates for the GPS. Of course, you get advice from the guide and benefit from the security of the group while with it.

How long do we need to ride each day?

It depends on which Megaride we are talking about. On most tours, the day starts at approximately 8:30 and we arrive at the hotel around 17:00 – 18:00. That is for travel days. On relax days, you can do whatever you feel like. Distance will vary according to the what you chose to do.

In short, what is a Megaride?

You could say a Megaride is a two weeks long ride but then it’s more than that, it is an adventure. Anyone can set a route on a computer, select an hotel and call it a ride.

We do a lot more than that to prepare a Megaride. We spend a lot of time and efforts reviewing routes, checking out the views, contacting hotels, restaurants, and then reviewing and trying them just to be sure you would have a good time.

Most of the circuits we propose, we have tried before. We have also taken in your comments and the opinions of other travelers/riders. Everything is thought out, developed and tried by riders for riders.

Is there an experienced guide with each Megaride?

Yes, each Megaride is programmed carefully, in every details possible and an experienced guide is available during the tour to advise on what would be best to do, the routes to ride, the places to visit, and what you can or should do and mostly, what you shouldn’t do.

In short, what is a Megaweek ?

A Megaweek is an unforgettable, one week adventure tour on a motorcycle. Basicaly anyone can sit in front of a computer and create routes. But in reality, that is not the way it works for a Megaweek. We spend hours, days, months researching, evaluating and testing our routes. We test each hotel, restaurant, etc. Our past experience with the Megarides have taught us to find shorter, less demanding routes, always following the same formula, in collaboration with local riders clubs. Each tour is designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.

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