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MégaVoyages, who are we?

We are a Licensed travel agency of Québec, specialized in European motorcycle tours, the memorable Megarides.

We have been creating motorcycle adventure overseas for ten years now mainly for Quebec motorcyclists.

Where does the idea of riding the most beautiful motorcycle roads of Europe comes from?
Well, it started as a crazy idea between a group of friends having a coffee and discussing the twistiness of Canadian roads versus the Eastern American roads.

Just think, how can you compare to 318 curves in 11 miles?
Max, half joking said, in my country, it isn’t 318 curves in 11 miles but 318 curves every 11 miles!

Massimiliano Tiraboschi, Max to his friends, invited us to join him for a voyage to Italy. The success of that first Megaride tour opened the door to the creation of our great little enterprise, MégaVoyages.

From one single person at first, Mégavoyages became a multiple persons organization, there are now teams in both Canada and Italy of planners, Mega Guides and travel counselor working hard to prepare and deliver your motorcycle adventure

Our teams in Canada and Italy are working hard to prepare and guide our groups of Megariders in Europe.
We have at heart making sure you enjoy your Megaride adventure with us.

From that coffee meet of winter 2008 came out the first Megaride in 2010. Those 23 first Megariders had a wonderful experience and the following years the experience repeated itself. From that first Megaride made up of a group of friends, it has evolved into MégaVoyages inc in 2016

MégaVoyages is now an independant tour agency. We have gone from one Megaride in 2010 to multiple Megarides in 2018 spanning multiple destinations, multiple routes in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania.

Obviously, there is so much to see and so much to do, so many roads to ride that we must compromise.
The length of the tour, the “Italian” riding style, the roads of Europe being different from what we have here, the new to us panoramas, the size of the groups make it mandatory to properly plan the tours.

As in all previous Megarides, we won’t reveal the details of your tour but you can follow the adventures of the Megariders on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/megavoyages

A few interesting statistics about MégaVoyages and the Megarides

In 2021 we will have organized more than 64 Megarides

Our customers have travelled over 1,350,000 kilometers

642 Megarides have gained weight when they returned to Canada

The Megariders have spent over 4695 motorcycle days

.… and it keeps on going. Stay tuned, there are surprises coming!

As someone has so well said « A Megaride can’t be explained, you just live it!. »

Lecture en cours: C'est quoi une Megaride!

Megaride Circuits

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