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A team of enthusiasts

Have you ever wondered who works behind the scenes?-
Here is an overview of our team and that's not counting all motorcycle clubs and dozens of motorcycle enthusiasts friends who work with us to achieve our motorcycles tours the Megarides.

Massimiliano Tiraboschi

Megarides Leader
Travel counselor and agency manager
Creater, thinker, great organizer of the Megarides! For years, just like the Pope with his faithful, he relentlessly prepares your tour in Europe. A pure product on Italy, born and raised there, great motorcyclist, he has taken on the mission of making you discover the pleasure of riding the roads of Europe.

Martine Bergeron

Travel counselor
Just like the big bang was the birth of the universe... If Martine wasn't there, Massimiliano wouldn't have come to Québec and the Megarides wouldn't exist. Martine is the administrative angel behind MégaVoyages. She's essential, we wouldn't exist without her!

Patrick Morin

The Philosopher
Travel counselor
For a guy like me, riding a bike is more then just a pastime, it's a way of life, a way to see new scenery, meet new people, it's a passion! I have ridden thousands of kilometers in both North America and Europe. I have a passion for great roads, with long sweepers and short technical curves. I enjoy riding whether it's on long tours or short relaxing rides. I was one of the pioneers of MegaVoyages in 2010, with my beautiful Lisa and have been touring Europe ever since. I love great roads, great food, great wines and mostly great company. It will be my pleasure to ride with you, to share my passion during what for you would be the ride of a lifetime.

Sylvain Bergeron

MégaVoyages Guide
Travel counselor
The twistier the mountain roads, the greater his enjoyment gets. Sylvain is a tremendous rider and teacher with a passion for motorcycling and safety. He doesn't mind the weather, on a bike, it's always a sunny day. One of his greatest pleasure is enjoying the Italian food and the Megarides are the best occasion ti enjoy it. He enjoys sharing his pleasure with other Megariders.

Gaétan Trudel

The handyman
Handy with his hands and always a great companion, Gaétan in a longtime Megaride veteran. As with all of us, he enjoys Italian cuisine.

Anna Cucchi

MégaVoyages Italy
Anna is our angel. Her smile will brighten your day. She takes care of all the little details in Europe.

Santo Senziani

Le pro de la cuisine
MégaVoyages Italie
Le specialiste de la cuisine et des vins Il peut se rappeler de ce qu'il a mangé il y a 10 ans sans problème. Il est le responsable du support et de la logistique en Europe. C'est le dégustateur en chef.

Pierre Héroux

MegaVoyages Guide
MégaVoyages allows me to merge my 2 passions that are touring the world and riding motorcycles into one, a MEGA PASSION.. On a bike, the longer the ride, the happier I get. That is why I enjoy adding detours to my rides. And the Italian food, miam, miam, miam! ? . In the end, I hope that as I guide your tour you will share my passion for this fabulous adventure.

William Descoteaux

MegaVoyages Guide
The next curve, climb or descent is the next adventure! Safety is a priority. Passionate for discovering great roads and Italian food. A Megarider since 2015.

Christian Beaulieu

Guide MegaVoyages
Travel Counselor
I'm a passionate motorcycle rider... I adore the feeling of freedom you get when you ride, as it's a different way of life and I just love it. North America has so many wonderful places, all so different from one another. I have been on so many roads, I have ridden so many kilometers in North America and Europe that I would be happy to accompany you during one of our magnificient tours. I will do my best to make it memorable.


Our mascot
But of course, Paperino a.k.a. Donald Duck.... ....our mascot! :-)
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