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From dream to reality

With MégaVoyages discovering Europe while riding a bike isn’t limited to following a guide along a predetermined road. It’s also a way to travel, to live an adventure during your vacation. Spectacular sceneries will unfold in front of you, twisty roads will challenge you and picturesque villages with friendly inhabitants will await you. You will end your tour with large smiles and wonderful memories.

We take care of you because you are our best ambassadors. The former Megariders are witnesses to our preceding tours, they know a Megaride adventure with MégaVoyages is an unforgettable moment.


Why MégaVoyages and the Megarides?

The itineraries: Ride in motorcycle paradise, on roads with breathtaking panoramas. Let us guide you on roads less traveled that you would think were designed for motorcycle travel. All our itineraries have been created by passionate motorcyclists.

Our guides: With their experience, their support and their knowledge, they will do everything possible to make your tour memorable.

The hotels and restaurants: picturesque hotels, selected in past years for their quality and restaurants where you will find local typical meals, will immerse you in the regional ambiance.

The Megaride experience: We learn from each Megaride and continuously apply that knowledge to the next Megarides. We work hard to make your tour a dream voyage. We organize everything so that you don’t have to worry, just enjoy yourself.

Meet other motorcyclists: During diner, shared with other Megariders, you meet new people and riding companions, learn who they are and where they come from. We are proud to say that a lot of Megariders have become friends in real life.

Get away from it all: You won’t see too many tourists on the roads we will travel. You will meet local inhabitants, see their way of living. There will be those little moments where you will discover the countries we travel to.

Relax days: The way you relax is personal! You do it your way. Would you like to ride and see lots of curvy roads, just to up your riding comfort level? Follow your guide! Would you rather do a quiet little ride with your love? The choice is yours! We can offer different itineraries, short rides to a town, museum or old fort. Or just a tour of the lake where you can find cafés and beaches. You can also elect not to ride and stay on the hotel premises or catch a bus into town. Enjoy your day!

Our motorcycles: We have different models available. We work with BMW, Harley-Davidson, Ducati and Moto-Guzzi in Italy. All our motorcycles are recent, not more than three years old, well equipped and mostly well maintained.

Discover the regions: With MégaVoyages you will ride and visit the most beautiful areas of Europe. You will get to enjoy the charm of picturesque villages, the winding roads of old Europe and meet the inhabitants of those regions.

Safety: Your safety is our primary concern. We will do all we can to insure that you enjoy yourself but remain safe and secure during your tour.

The agency:  MégaVoyages is a small Canadian tour agency from Quebec but our team, in Canada and in Europe works very hard to make sure your tour is a memorable experience. We are registered with the OPC as a travel agency.

Peace of mind: The Fonds d’indemnisation des clients des agents de voyages (FICAV) is a financial protection from the Office de la Protection du Consommateur (OPC) for all clients of a registered travel agency.

(ATTENTION: if you purchase or reserve directly from a supplier (Airline, hotel, etc.) or a travel agency from outside of Quebec that isn’t registered with the OPC, the FICAV doesn’t protect you.)

Lecture en cours: C'est quoi une Megaride!

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