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Difficulty levels Megarides

Difficulty levels Megarides

Megarides are designed for everyone, those who like to ride fast, those who ride leasurly, those who wish to also walk or ride around, those who wish to test their limits and enjoy the feeling of riding on superb roads that we think were made for motorcycling.
Each Megaride has its own overall difficulty level, travel days and relax days may have different levels.
When you read expert level, you could say that, in comparison, the Deal’s Gap is easy.

The Megarides Easy level, easy long winding roads, nice long sweeping curves, few or no long distances days and mostly light traffic.


The Megarides Intermediate level, winding roads with curvier sections, some technical difficulties, more curves, longer rides over longer distances, may have to cross heavier traffic areas.


The advanced level: for experienced riders who enjoy a challenge on a bike. We travel on
roads with many more curves, large rapid turns to the pegs or 180 ° turns on a slope, and

Difficulty levels Megaride relax days

When traveling from hotel to hotel, the routes are designed according to different weather or road conditions and are fine for everyone.
On relax days, the group will subdivide according to each riders preference and ability level. Different routes, different difficulty levels are available or if you prefer, walking tours or just visit/sightseeing around on your motorcycle.

The Easy relax days level, everyone can enjoy that. Short rides, may include walking around, hiking, visits alone or with a group.

The Intermediate relax days level, optional, winding to curvy roads, longer distances, technical sections but still a relaxing ride.

The Expert relax days level, optional, minimized weight on bikes, solo or couples, we just ride, technical roads followed by other technical roads, a memorable experience. May involve quieter riding at times.

The Walking tours relax days, visit places, towns, cities, monuments, anything that you may be interested in.

A day at a relaxed level to tour by motorbike. There will be several places where, if you
wish, you can make motorcycle tours, small motorcycle trips to visit different places in the

Lecture en cours: C'est quoi une Megaride!

Megaride Circuits

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