What is a Megaride?

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A Megaride is after all a great, memorable, adventure.

You will go through roads that have been meticulously chosen by local people and continually reworked to offer you the best routes ...

Tour calendars

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2022-2023 tour calendars of the next Megarides. You will have a good idea of our motorcycle tours here.

You will find how everything runs, routes, hotels, restaurants, etc ...

Memories, blogs, videos

More news, videos and images from our Megaride motorcycle tours
Blogs, videos, images of past Megarides, dinners, memories of the Megariders.

Find out why you can get the bite. Follow our Megarides live during the Megaride ...

Who are we?

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How were the Megarides born? Who had this idea and why?
What makes a Megaride an unforgettable adventure?

Who is behind the Megaride team?
Discover it ...

Latest news

Nouvelle Megaride Incontournable été

La Megaride incontournable, le nom n’y est pas pour rien, une, sinon la plus belle des Megarides! C’est absolument la …

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A quiet climb of Stelvio

A quiet ride on the easy side of his Majesty the Stelvio, with Martine and other Megariders    

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Close Encounters of the fourth kind

Close Encounters of the fourth kind while Dracula Megaride Tour LOL  

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MegaVoyages on Zone VL

Jean Paré de Zone VL termine sa journée au salon de la moto de Montréal avec Sylvain Bergeron de Mégavoyages …

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